I was born in a small village in England and had the usual education, concentrating in the arts, geography, history and science.
I married soon after graduation and spent most of my time after that raising my children and working with race horses.
I emigrated to the USA in 1979 and continued both raising my children and working with the horses, breeding, breaking and training them for the race tracks.
In 1990 I became a long haul truck driver, a driver trainer, truck owner with my new husband and continued until 1997 when I had over 1.50 million miles safe driving and became a fleet manager.

It was while I was a fleet manager I taught myself to design web sites.
At first using a online easy editor and graphics made by others, now I use Macromedia Dreamweaver to code my sites or code by hand.

I taught myself to use Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop and a number of other graphics programs to make my own backgrounds and buttons. I make them either from scratch or manipulate my own pictures and fonts to get the desired results.
All art and fonts used by me are "Freeware" or used with the owners permission, no copyrights are violated or infringed upon.

I also learned how to create Flash designs and buttons implementing them into the sites I create as both entry portals and site navigation bars and buttons as an option from java navigation or plain text links.

I'm in the process of learning Php, MySQL® and other programming to improve the services I offer as both a web host and Designer.

My work philosophy is simple. Do the best you can, learn as much as you can and always give credit where credit is due

Everyone has a story to tell in their lives, in the future this page will be a gateway to my family and hobbies, things I find interesting in my life.

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